Increase Your Customer Spending by Using Cashless Payment Event

As technology always give you with improving system that allow your life getting easier, technology also provide you with cashless payment, as we know that there are many purchases had been made using contact payment through credit card or other cashless system. This is clear that modern customer want to pay cash wherever they are. So next question is will you expect your customers to stay in any deferent in you events? One of solution is using RFID cashless payment. During recent years, there are many events and big festivals in around the world had been delivered in cashless payment through this RFID. RFID will work by enabling the chip in order to communicate with RFID scanner through radio signal. On events, this RFID chips usually had been embedded in wristband or badge. So this is easy and simple solution both of event providers and attendees, and say good bye for long line. The other technology is using event analytics for your event that can meet with your goals. If you look for digital cashless event provider, then PouchNation is right for you.

Cashless Payment Event

Analytic for the event: basic information

Analytic was essentially the dashboard which allows you to track what and how your sites can fulfill the goals. For event providers, the aim is to turn visitor’s page into registered attended or ticker purchasing. So, how this dashboard can improve your site performance? For example, you might know that most of ticket buyers come from certain region areas, then it give you target event management solution goers in that areas. If you advertise for those who prefer to buy ticket, then you will get higher conversion on your website. If you notice that online advertisement bring more traffic in your event’s page, but these visitors leave your page immediately, the reason may be compelling and need creative refresh.